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nov 16 '22

i haven't made any updates to this site lately. i've been in somewhat of a rutt when it comes to original code ideas... the overall idea for this website was 'tumblr-esc' but also a bit of jake's style of coding. (sorry, im unoriginal)... as i've probably stated elswhere before i originally learned to code from (worst website on earth, i know) and expanded from there. i learned quite a bit from my computer science class this year as well, which pushed me to make this website in the first place. i don't know if i will continue in this style for a long time because it has gotten quite confusing on my end, but hopefully i can find the motivation

oct 18 '22

i finished my halloween costme (mostly). it took one day. it looks good (the stitching on the top isn't the best but the thread sucked ass so thats why) i need to make the belt, backpack, wristcuffs, etc accessories... which shouldnt take too long but im a bit confused on how i should make them (specifically the huge bow on the waist and the flowers on the belt and hair pin)....... oh well!

oct 14 '22

i have been procrastinating working on my halloween costume for so long.. i really need to get working on it seeing as there's about 2 weeks until halloween. if you're wondering who i plan on being, Im being Kaoru Ryuzaki from idolmaster!! i'm excited to work on it for quite a while but i've either been busy oor depressed recntly. i know i'm going to be so stressed if i dont start either today or this week..