My Little Pony

In 1981, Hasbro produced their first ponies featuring bright manes and tails and unique 'cutie marks' on their rumps. To continue their popularity, Hasbro released 'Rescue at Midnight Castle' as a pilot of their upcoming TV show.

Generations of Ponies

Friendship is Magic

The most well known generation, beginning in 2010 & created by Lauren Faust, was the longest running generation of MLP to this day. It ran for 10 years with 221 episodes and ~5 movies.

Twilight Sparkle

The element of Magic, Twilight is the main character and princess of friendship

Pinkie Pie

The element of Laughter, Pinkie is a fun loving party pony!


The element of Honesty. AppleJack is a brave, hard working farm pony, who is very set in her ways.


The element of Generosity, Rarity is a stylish pony who runs a boutique in PonyVille.


The element of Kindness, Fluttershy is a shy and timid pony.

Rainbow Dash

The element of Loyalty, Dash is very competitive and confident.


While Spike does not represent an element of Harmony, he is a Twilight's assistant and longest friend.