H1KEY debuted 'Athletic Girl' on January 5 2022 with 4 members: Seoi, Riina, Sitala & Yel. Not long after their debut, Sitala was removed from the group due to her family's controversial actions in 2014. In June of the same year it was announced that Hwiseo would be taking her place. They had their first ot4 comeback 'RUN' on July 6.

Seoi 서이

Born February 12th, 2000 (24)

Birthname Lee Yejin

Position Leader, Vocalist

Height 169cm (5'7)


Nationality Korean

Riina 리이나

Born February 21st, 2001 (23)

Birthname Lee SeungHyun

Position Vocalist

Height 172cm (5'8)


Nationality Korean

Hwiseo 휘서

Born July 31st, 2002 (21)

Birthname Jo HwiHyeon

Position Main Vocalist, Rapper

Height 169cm (5'7)


Nationality Korean

Yel 옐

Born December 25th, 2004 (19)

Birthname Han ShinYoung

Position Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Height 173cm (5'8)


Nationality Korean


Title Track Athletic Girl

  • Athletic Girl (Peejay Remix) (CD Only)
  • Athletic Girl (Inst.)
  • Title Track RUN

  • Catch 'n' Release
  • Heart Light
  • RUN (Inst.)
  • Catch 'n' Release (Inst.)
  • Heart Light (Inst.)
  • H1-KEY Voice Letter for M1-KEY (CD Only)
  • Ring the Alarm
  • Title Track Rose Blossom

  • Crown Jewel (feat. Tachaya)
  • You Are My Key (for M1-KEY)
  • Dream Trip
  • Rose Blossom (Inst.)
  • Athletic Girl (2023 Remaster)
  • Intro : Seoul Dreaming
  • Title Track SEOUL (Such a Beautiful City)

  • Time to Shine
  • Low-key Scared but H1-KEY Ready
  • Magical Dream
  • SEOUL (Such a Beautiful City) (Inst.)
  • Time to Shine (Inst.)
  • Title Track Thinkin' About You

    Title Track Deeper